Bathhouse's Spring Collection 2020

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on March 13 2020

Spring is beginning and it is finally time to make way for all things bright, fresh, and new. Our Fall & Winter Launch items are now all on sale, (check those out here.) While we are bummed that it's time to put those away, they deserve break time as we introduce what is next: Bathhouse Soapery's Spring Launch. 

We didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much goodness at one time (or play all of the cards that we’re holding in our deck), so we’ve decided to space out our releases this year to make it the “launch that keeps on giving”… or foaming, if you will. 

To start this season, we have decided to bring back several of our fan and staff favorites that we simply cannot say no to — 

    • Coconut Milk - a tropical mix of freshly creamed coconut, sugar, & vanilla
    • Cucumber Avocado -  a light and refreshing blend of cool, watery cucumber and fresh spearmint with hints of geranium and neroli
    • Haute Water - a pretentious yet laid back blend of peach, raspberry, and coconut dried down with magnolia and a very sheer veil of white musk. 
    • Raspberry Mango - puckering raspberry and vibrant mango blended with notes of Valencia orange and bergamot
    • Rosewater Pistachio - delicate, sophisticated, and above all, avant-garde — the sheer floral scent of rosewater blended with sweetened pistachio creme is truly the scent of poise and finesse

These fresh beauties are available in all of your favorite products: Soap slices, Foaming Body Scrub, Whipped Soap, Body Butter, and Bath Bombs! 

Yes, this means we are finally making the highly sought after Coconut Milk Whipped Soap. And YES, it is, in fact, just as luscious as it sounds. 

— We are also adding the ever-charming Haute Water to our Whipped Soap line-up this year; get ready for this neon explosion! 

For those of you who have been shopping in our 4 boutiques, you’ll notice that we’ve finally included one of the best selling bundles on our online store: the Lip Balm + Lip Scrub Combo. The perfect gift for yourself... or yourself.

Some of your favorite lip balms are making their Spring & Summer reappearance this Spring just for you: Cherry Berry Compote, a berry blend on vanilla shortcake with whipped cream, and Sweet Coconut Cream, a sweet coconut & vanilla custard globbed onto a handmade flaky pie crust. The thoughts of fresh berries and coconut make us wish for warm sunny days with a glass of sweet tea in hand. 

A sneak peek for next week ... We will be adding a new limited edition seasonal lip balm into the mix — Iced Almond Biscotti: a crunchy almond cookie with sweet vanilla icing that belongs next to your favorite steaming cup of espresso. This lip balm is definitely meant to be indulged in more often than the afternoon Italian treat and will make its grand arrival next week both in stores and online.

As an added b o n u s — we are also adding, by popular demand, a brand new room spray scent to our PERMANENT line up: Poppy

*cue the all of the heart emojis*

Our Spring Collection is now LIVE on our online store ( and is available in all four of our boutiques. Get your skin ready for Summer with these bathing beauties! More to come soon. 😘

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