Scent Spotlight: Milk

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on March 16 2017

It's our favorite scent to get us through the last of these winter days; a perfect blend of raspberry, cotton candy and caramelized sugar - it's Milk!
This warm, flirtatious blend gives you a soft, warm scent with just a touch of girly notes, this one will give you perfect moisturizers and soothing touches to even the driest of skin. Including notes of coconut milk, vanilla and musk, our Milk scented products are the perfect addition to your current Bathhouse Soapery skincare routine.

"I can say that I absolutely love this soap. It has a slight vanilla fragrance that is not at all overwhelming; it does not dry out my skin, even in the deepest depths of a dry winter; it suds up perfectly; it leaves no film on my skin; and it is as luxurious at the end of the bar as it was on the first day I unwrapped the bar from its crisp, white paper packaging."

Available in nearly every product our boutiques carry, you can get your hands on this favorite of ours in our Bubbling Body Scrubs, Handcrafted Soaps, Bath Bombs, Goat Milk Body Butters - and much more! For ultimate fragrance satisfaction, layer Milk products for a scent that lasts all day.

Already a fan of Milk? Try other complimentary Bathhouse products in Hot Southern Mess, Oatmeal Creme or Honey for other sweet and moisturizing scents.


To purchase your own Milk products, visit our online boutique at or visit a boutique near you!