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Bathhouse Couture — Bathhouse's signature scent! Char was inspired to create this scent after one of her favorite perfumes of all time. A swanky blend of white florals, praline, and ripe peaches.

Beautiful — Inspired by the iconic Estee Lauder's Beautiful perfume  which contains blooming fresh cut flowers, rose, jasmine, carnation, fresh citrus, melons, peaches and plums

Belladonna  a fatal attraction of prowess and covetousness surround this fragrance. Char has spent an achingly long amount of time perfecting this shadowy, sensual aroma. It all came to a hauntingly dazzling fruition in late twenty-fifteen when she unveiled a hallucinating medley of rich black currant, hedione, looming lily of the valley, and a faint breath of musk. 

#bossbabe  A sweet, summery blend of nectarine, peach, black currant, green apple, lemon, and green mandarin notes atop a midsection of jasmine, lily, ylang, and honey, with clean musk and an earthy base. Our celebratory 10-year anniversary fragrance! 

Cherry Almond  a classic yet modern fusion of juicy cherries, crushed almonds, and a sprinkling of sugar. Consistently a crowd favorite.

Cioccolato  Italian through and through. Semi-sweet blend of coffee and dark, gourmet chocolate...not too foodie, sweet meets sexy.

Cloud  pink peony, white musk, spiced sandalwood, vanilla...light and angelic.

Coconut Milk  freshly creamed coconut milk, sugar, vanilla

Cupcake  the perfect ratio of cake and homemade buttercream frosting

Fig & Milk  a delicate mix of fig, fresh cream, amber, sandalwood

Gardenia  identical to smelling the blooming petals of a gardenia bush

Goddess  strawberry, peony, jasmine and soft amber

Gypsy  Gypsy is our boho contemporary interpretation of a modern day free spirit. Gypsy inspired by my daughter, Farren. It is an encapsulation of the vintage allure of velvet black roses (not stuffy or overly mature) with accouterments of dripping red lychee, sparkling riesling essence, citron, scarlet rose petals, and poet's orchid. The base notes are creamy sandalwood with a hint of white musk and golden amber. 

Haute Water  a pretentious yet laid back blend of peach, raspberry, and coconut dried down with toasted seashells, magnolia and a very sheer veil of white musk.

Honey Pear  bright, sparkling pear drizzled in honey, best seller

Honky Tonk Man  a psycho-billy blend of oak moss, a draw of amber, smooth hickory, and a twang of jasmine & lavender.

Hot Southern Mess  sophisticated and sassy pomegranate, osmanthus, and fluffy marshmallow

Hot Springs  if the Spa City could be bottled, this is it, spearmint & eucalyptus

Lavender  a sweet, soft lavender floral with a clean finish yet elegant perfumers lavender

Milk  creamy blend of cotton candy, raspberries, and wholesome milk, top seller

Moonshine  astringent, clean, and slightly citrus with a juniper and anise

Mulled Pomegranate  pomegranate with an elixir of berries, sandalwood, and cinnamon

No. 9  an playful blend of cherry blossom, peach, and chamomile

Pumpkin Butter  apple butter mixed with raw pumpkin pie

Rain/Detox/Mud & Minerals  juniper, grapefruit, currant, green apple, best seller

Raspberry Mango  brisk frosted raspberry and juicy mango butter, top seller

Spiced Cranberry  frosted cranberries sprinkled with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon

Steam  honey, lilac, cucumber, and warm amber, best selling unisex scent…ever!

Tobacco & Rum  black tea, fresh tobacco fields, and bay rum, best seller!

Vanilla Noir  Formally known as our "Moroccan Vanilla," this vanilla aroma is deep, dark and earthly and not like the traditional sugary sweet types.

Voodoo  our perfect duplication of the high-end fragrance “Flowerbomb”

Were Not Sweethearts  This fragrance needs its own paragraph for good reason. This is our hand created scent as a tribute to the ghosts that live in our 366 Central store on Hot Springs. The story was a one-sided romance turned tragedy. Violet was a waitress at the Japanese Tea Room in the 20's, now Bathhouse Soapery. For a time she was stalked by a customer, Elmer. Elmer one day, after many rejections by Violet , came through the back door of the tea room where Violet stood making sandwiches and shot her and then turned the gun on himself. We, and past owners, have had countless incidents that we believe to be Violet or Elmer or both. Char has met Violet’s great niece and has a copy of the newspaper clipping detailing the murders. The name “Were Not Sweethearts” came from the headline of the newspaper titled the same. Note it’s were as in were not. Fragrance conjures memories and this scent was created to keep up the memories of Violet and old Hot Springs’ history. It’s a blend of violet, basil, citrus, and earthy green notes.

Wine  elegant swish of strawberry, pear, gardenia, rose, and red grapes.

XOXO  our perfect duplication of the high-end fragrance "Romance." Jasmine, rose, melon, musk, and blonde woods -- soft, sexy, seductive.