Introducing: Soap for Hope

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on July 09 2016

Before I could describe to the Bathhouse Team why the soap I'm creating for the company's charitable efforts is going to be black...I saw their gazes become startled. "Black, huh?"; "Oh, black like a rich mascara!"; "What about pink?"; "Usually you have great ideas."; "Yeah black, like my soul!"...just a bit of feedback from my usually trusting, cheer squad of a team.

When they started raising their hands before I could explain the why, I new you may have questions about it too. 

We donate products to nearly every community organization but we've always wanted to do more. Our Soap for Hope collection is our more. Proceeds from the sale of this soap, and soon collection, will be donated to local grassroot organizations that exist to benefit individuals, families and communites where Bathhouse Soapery's reside. Each boutique's proceeds from the Soap for Hope collection will stay in its home community or state.

So, why is a soap for hope black?

"Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light". - John Webster 

I loved the above quote because it has rung true in my life. Adversities come in many shapes and sizes and are a part of human life. I decided to create a black soap representing darkness or adversity and encrusted it with dazzling glitter to represent the spreading of light.

The name Revival was a Makehouse Team effort. The definition of revival is: an instance of returning to life or consciousness; restoration of vigor or vitality. 

I want those using it or gifting it to be reminded that whatever darkness is present in your now, your brightest and best self is yet to come. Don't forget the beauty of a star comes from a midnight sky or a diamond is polished from black coal. 

Revival Soap

Strength. Courage. Joy. Bravery. Compassion. Grit. Each of us has within us a set of beautiful, intrinsic gifts. While we can’t ever hold them in our hands, we know they’re inside us. Some are easily seen, and some can only be opened with the keys of hardship. Once unwrapped, they can help us transcend our current situation, transforming trials to lessons, and challenges into opportunities.

Use and gift this soap to friends and family going through adverse times. In return, Bathhouse will spread the love to others that need light in their lives. 

- C