The Oil Cleansing Method

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Posted on January 06 2018

 Oil Cleansing Method Facial Care



Oh yes, oils. Sounds awkward...but it's tried and true for so many skincare needs and it especially works wonders when it comes to cleansing and dramatically changing your facial skin. The oil cleansing method is how I cleanse my face and it's the method, that in nearly 20 years of creating beauty products, has had the most dramatically positive impact on my face...I'm never going back.

When you think about applying oils to cleanse, it may seem counter-intuitive, especially if you're already oily but once you get passed the idea and go all in with this method, the evidence is clear. Smoothing a fatty based cleanser over your skin and pores allows it to latch onto the excess pollutants and oils. A warm / wet cloth hauls away the yuck and your skin is left with exactly what it needs to begin performing as it should while generating a look and feel of flawlessness.

Of course, my two favorite oil based cleansers are Bathhouse's semi-solid fat based Whipped Milk Cleanser  and the over the top ultimate SLICK! Oil Cleanser from Bathhouse's sister company Villainess Soaps. 

The difference? Texture. The Whipped Milk Cleanser is emulsified oils while the SLICK! Oil Cleanser is a straight oil blend. They both provide a powerful cleanse and potent nourishment.

But finding the right fat / oil cleanser for you is satisfyingly indulgent and worth every second of time.

Why oil cleansers are everything to your skin care routine :

- Highly potent debris vacuum.

- Dissolves and flushes hardened oils and sludge from pores.

-Never a feeling of stripped or dry skin.

- The oils and fats I've chosen in my skin care line of products are those that I want for my personal use, and sharing them with you is what make me skip to work each day.

-Those that tend to have an excess of oily skin are in for a real treat! This method specifically pull away the excess oils and leaves behind everything your face needs to be well-balanced. Bye bye oil overproduction. Hello well behaved skin.

- I find that IF I have to apply a moisturizer, a dab'll do me.

- An aftermath of supple and soft skin.

- No need for a separate make-up remover because the duality of it makes it a makeup eraser. ( of my white washcloths now bears the make-up look from the Baron's Ball 2017...careful.)

- I've really fallen in love with how my skin behaves when applying makeup over it.

How to cleanse using the oil cleansing method:

- On dry facial and neck skin, massage a few drops of your favorite oil / fat based cleanser in small circular motions.

- Allow the cleanser to penetrate for about a minute.

- Using a warm, wet washcloth, begin at your neck and wipe away the cleanser (and the days pollutants) in UPWARD motions until you've reached your hairline. *I like to rinse my cloth with more warm water for added pampering and to remove debris.


If you still prefer to cleanse with a little bubbly action:

Our Frankincense & Myrrh bar soap is still a top favorite among customers. Also our Almond Milk Scrub is in a soap base. Alternating the Whipped Milk Cleanser and the Almond Milk Scrub is an indulgent regimen to banish dull, dehydrated, and sluggish skin.