FACIAL CLEANSERS: Which is right for you?

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on February 19 2019

Your face is always on. You can't hide it under yoga pants like we do our hairy legs, it needs to show you at your highest and best at all times. 

Any given Saturday in our boutiques you'll hear these types of phrases: "I'm 37, what should I be using to clean my face?",  "Do I use soap?",  "A special cleanser?",  "What's this oil cleansing method you hear of?". It's complete confusion, frustration, overthinking and overwhelm.

I'm going to share with you Bathhouse's facial cleansers and help you decide which one is going to make a dramatic difference in how your skin glows, feels, and helps you project confidence. 

It was too much for the a blog I made you a video.