Bathhouse Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on December 15 2020


As Christmas approaches, we see and chat with many shoppers who are in all states of gift buying: those who have finished, finishing up, just starting, or those who haven’t even begun to think about it. If you identify as someone who maybe hasn’t quite finished your shopping list, the great news is that not only do we have gifts at Bathhouse for everyone on your list, but we also have a gift for every budget, no matter how large or how small.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite Bathhouse gifts to give this holiday season, whether you need a gift for a special someone, a friend, a Secret Santa gift for a coworker or boss that you barely know, a family member you have met once, or a host or hostess gift. We have you covered; everyone can use soap, right?

Some of our favorite gifts are ones that don’t require any extra thought — we’ve done the hard work for you. We have a slew of new Bathhouse Gift Boxes that are available both online and in our boutiques.

The Bathhouse Holiday Favorites Box or one of our scent Collection Boxes are stunning and substantial gifts featuring an array of products that come to you ready to present to your recipient. [Prices range from $28 — $60.]

Other gifts such as our Mani & Pedi sets are perfect for the people you don’t know well. We have found over the years that these sets are ideal gifts for those who work hardest with their hands or those who are on their feet all day (or both.) This is the perfect “pamper yourself” gift, and it is neutral enough for everyone on your list. [Prices range from $28 — $48.] In the spirit of skincare, our shaving collection contains several ready-made gift ideas that help to give the gift of luxuriously smooth skin, or you can choose your own! Check out The Art of Bathhouse Shaving Box and our Dryden Pottery Shave Mugs (and sets) for a unique present. [Shaving products range from $8 — $54.]


Need something quick and inexpensive, but it still needs makes an impact? Look no further than our Lip Balm + Lip Scrub Combos [$15]. These come packaged in a pretty black bag and can be paired with a Lippy Clip [$12] for a long-lasting gift that is perfect for colder weather.







Our classic gift of choice is what we are best known for here at Bathhouse: soap. [$8 per slice]

Handmade soap is still a classic yet unique gift that can make holiday presents a very easy task. With over 30 varieties to choose from, we know that you’ll find a soap slice for everyone on your list. (And maybe a few for yourself.) Pair with any of our various soap dishes and accessories, or a Soap Sack or Soap Lift [ranges from $6 to $40] for the optimal soapy experience. 


Heading into one of our boutiques? We have a special edition in-store-only bath bomb duo that is perfect for your Holiday host: #snowbabe [$16] is our newest addition to our Christmas line-up and is hand-painted by our talented staff. Speaking of bombs, if you’ve ever shopped in our boutiques, you might have seen the Bath Bomb baskets and sets that our teams like to create and display. These baskets are always a colorful assortment of our luscious bubbling Bath Bombs, and they make a great gift for those who love their soaking time. These baskets are just one example of the fun sets that can be created in any of our stores. 


Come in and grab any one of our premade gifts or create your own! We offer complimentary bags, boxes, bows, and gift trays for these special gifts in our stores; just ask!

If you’re shopping strictly online this year, you may be concerned about your orders arriving in time for the holidays. Our Cyber Team is working ‘round the clock to get your online orders out as soon as humanly possible. However, we can’t perform every holiday miracle. That's where the true gift-giving miracle comes in to play: Gift Cards. 

While we can’t guarantee that your physical items will be delivered before Christmas Day due to heavy volume (seriously... thank a postal worker this year— they’re busier than ever) we can guarantee the delivery of our Bathhouse Gift Cards

Our gift cards can be used both online and in-store and arrive in your email inbox immediately after checkout (don’t forget to include your email at checkout! 😉)

Bathhouse Gift Cards can also be purchased in any of our boutiques and are great for when you can’t decide what someone will enjoy the most. Give the gift of choice this holiday season and take the stress out of gift-giving. Bonus: they will always fit within your budget.  

What are you gifting this holiday season? Share the gift of soapy-love with the someones that you love.