2016 Retiring & Updates

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on January 15 2016

It's that bittersweet time of year where we announce our retiring and seasonal changes for 2016.

This one hurts a little more because I really am attached to many these products in our lines, some of them have been with us for a long time.... I can assure you, however, when one door closes I can guarantee a big ol' wooden door adorned with a big bubbly gold gilded wreath, vintage heart heritage hinges, and gold door handle will open up to a frothy bubbling bath and beauty bliss. 

R E T I R I N G  F O R E V E R

Goat Milk
Patchouli (I know! I can't even.)
Moroccan Vanilla
Lemongrass (coming up with a new lemony luscious love fest)
Thermae (my heart is bleeding just typing this)

Moroccan Vanilla Scrub
Root Scrub (replacing with Steam)
Lemongrass Scrub (coming up with a new lemony luscious love fest)

Root (replacing with Belladonna)
Moroccan Vanilla (replacing with Milk, after popular demand)
Fig & Milk (replacing with Honey Pear)

Fig & Lavender (replacing with Goddess)
Moroccan Vanilla

Aftershave Splash

We are totally revamping ALL of our lip balms and not only will you love it but get a big ol’ kiss ready for us because we have something scrumptious coming to our lip line.

M O V I N G  T O  S E A S O N A L

Pine Tar - spring & summer
Honeysuckle - spring & summer
Orange Juice - spring & summer
Venus - spring & summer
Lavender Marshmallow - fall & winter