All returns and exchanges must be made within 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase date. Returns and exchanges can be made at either of our boutiques or via email with valid receipt.

If there is any wish to return or exchange your product(s) via email, please contact us at with your receipt and/or order number. Our Customer Service team  will provide you with either a replacement product, store credit via discount code or gift card, or a refund, whichever you prefer. We will do everything in our bubbly power to make you shine with happiness.


Please refer to our Return Policy

Fragrance is extremely personal. Everyone has different preferences. If you are unsure about what fragrance you would like to try, we offer Scent Cards for purchase to smell before you buy. Keep in mind that our products make great gifts and if you don't enjoy a particular product, passing it on as a gift is always a great option!


Points expire 1 year after your last earning date. After 1 year of inactivity on your account, your points will expire. 

For example: You earn 500 points on January 1st, 2023. These points will expire on January 1st, 2024 unless you earn more points (perks, purchase, birthday, etc.). In that case, let's say you earned 300 more points on December 31, 2023, making your total now 800 points. These 800 points would have a new expiration date of December 31, 2024. 

As long as you're active and earn points within the year period, you will get to keep all of your points! 


Coupons/Discount Codes (via Bathhouse Rewards):

All coupons and discount codes generated via Bathhouse Rewards have an expiration date. You can find the expiration on each reward in your widget by clicking on it. 


Rewards Tiers:

Our tiers are based on a calendar milestone, meaning that when you achieve your tier, you will be in that tier for the remainder of the current year and the next calendar year. You will have to re-qualify for each subsequent year's tier(s).


For example: If you earn enough points to reach a specific tier in November of 2023, you will enjoy the benefits of that tier for the rest of 2023 and all of 2024. During 2024, you’ll have to earn enough points to re-qualify for the same tier in 2025. If you do not, your tier will be recalculated based on the points that you have earned in that calendar year (January — December.)


Starting on January 1st of 2025, tiers will be recalculated based on what you earn in 2024. Points needed to stay in the tiers during 2025 are as follows: 

  • Lather Lover (0-1199)
  • Steeping Beauty (1200)
  • Clawfoot Connoisseur (2500)

** Again, you have from January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024 to earn points to qualify you for 2025's tier. You only have to earn the points, not keep them. Feel free to spend points whenever you like; your account knows that you earned them! You don't have to hoard your points to get to a total to qualify for a tier; only earn them.

For example: if you are a Steeping Beauty tier member through the end of 2024, but you do not earn 1200 more points during 2024, you will be bumped back down to Lather Lover starting in 2025. (But no worries, you can earn and bump yourself back up!) Same applies to Clawfoot Connoisseur; if you do not earn 2500 points in 2024,  you will be bumped back to Lather Lover in 2025. **

To redeem points in our boutiques: First, you need to be a rewards member with us; this is a super easy process! You simply need to go to our website,, and click the gold “Bathhouse Rewards” button on the bottom right corner and sign up with your email. (You’ll receive 250 points for signing up!)   From there, you’ll be able to redeem your points online in increments of 50 points at a time ($1 off), and in our boutiques in increments of 250 points at a time ($5 off.)  

When checking out, please mention that you are a rewards member and give us the email for your account (we will try to prompt you!) so that we can be sure to add any applicable rewards to your order. (You'll also earn points for your purchases this way, too!)


This is totally possible! The only catch is that you will have to activate your Bathhouse Rewards account online on our website; we can't activate your account for you in our stores. 

You can absolutely shop in store and THEN sign up for rewards online afterwards, but you'll need to use the same email address for both. If you're purchasing in store, make sure to give us the email address you plan on using for your rewards account (if you don't already have one.) You will then need to go to our website and activate your Bathhouse Rewards account with the same email you used. Once you activate your account, the points from any in-store purchase made on or after March 9, 2023* will automatically populate to your account. You won’t be able to redeem points until you activate your account. 

*Only purchases associated with your chosen email address will populate to your rewards account. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of how our website platform is set up, our website and stores only allow ONE discount code per transaction. 

For instance, if you have a FREE SHIPPING code and a $ OFF code, these two cannot be combined together; you will have to choose one and save the other for another time. 

(If you are using a $ OFF or other code that changes your subtotal, please remember that to enable our "Free Shipping on orders of $75+" policy, your subtotal must be $75 or above AFTER your code has been applied and BEFORE taxes.)

Absolutely we can! Please email us at and we will be happy to assist you with this!

Entry rewards are only awarded the first time you enter a VIP tier. If you lose points, through partial refund or other means, and drop out of the VIP tier, you will not receive them again when you re-enter that tier.

Customers must enter their birthday in Smile UI at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded.

All points for fully refunded, cancelled, or voided orders will be redacted from your points total. 

Does a customer earn points when they buy a gift card?

When a customer purchases a gift card, they will not earn points for the purchase. The points are earned by the recipient of the gift card when they go to spend it.

Does a customer earn points when they use a gift card?

Points are issued when the gift card is used to make a purchase, not when the gift card is initially purchased. This is done to prevent points from being awarded twice during the gift card purchase process.

We ship our packages via USPS and use their Priority Mail service. We offer free shipping at a subtotal (after discounts) of $75.00+ USD for United States orders. While we do our very best to prepare your order for shipment within 3 business days (M-Th) from the date that the order was placed, we cannot guarantee a delivery date. All orders will have a processing time in our facility as well as a shipping time for USPS. (This does not apply to our gift cards — they are electronically delivered.)

The shipping time estimated at checkout (via Priority Mail) is USPS's estimated transit time and does NOT include the time it takes for us to process and pack your order here in our Bubble Hub.

For example: When you select 2-day Priority Mail Shipping at checkout, that 2 day estimate is from USPS for the actual shipping time once it leaves our facility; there will still be a 1-3 business day processing time in our Bubble Hub before your package ships.

Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to process your order in our Bubble Hub. We will contact you if it looks like it will take longer!  

** Our Bubble Hub's days of operations are Monday - Thursday. ** 

The Free Shipping option is still shipped USPS Priority Mail; we do not offer expedited shipping. 

A few things to note:

  • Priority Mail and Ground Advantage are the only services by which we ship our packages here at Bathhouse Soapery. 
  • Bathhouse Soapery does not calculate shipping rates or estimated shipping transit times; these are both calculated by USPS and depend on the shipping address and weight of your package once we have prepared it for shipment.
  • Once a package leaves our facility as a Priority Mail package, the responsibility of the delivery and delivery date is entirely dependent on The United States Postal Service. There is no way for us to adjust shipping prices, length of delivery, or USPS’s transit time. 


  • Priority Mail may arrive in 1 day, 2 days or 3 days based on where you’re shipping your package from and where it’s being sent. (The scheduled delivery day can be found when postage is calculated) This is not a guaranteed service.
  • Ground Advantage is a 2-5 day shipping service. USPS Ground Advantage™ service is an affordable and reliable way to send packages inside the U.S.
  • Date of delivery is not guaranteed. Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
  • The first Postal business day counted is the day after the item was mailed.

 We also ship to Canada; we do not offer free shipping on these orders. 

Shipping costs are determined by both the weight of the package and the location to where it is being sent. We do not custom create shipping prices, they are automatically calculated at checkout.

To be eligible for our "Free Shipping on orders of $75+" perk, your SUBTOTAL must be $75+ AFTER you have applied any discount codes and BEFORE taxes have been calculated.

The free shipping eligibility is based upon the subtotal — so if you're cart is below $75 after you add a discount code, you will need to add something else to your cart to reach $75 or more.

** This applies only to US orders.

We cannot edit an address once your order has been placed. If our shipping software has an issue with an address, we will give you a call to verify your address, but Bathhouse Soapery is not responsible for sending a package to an address that was incorrectly entered at checkout. Please take a moment to double-check and verify all shipping details before you submit your order.

No, payment details are final once your order has been placed.

You are welcome to place an additional order, but we cannot edit existing orders. We can only cancel (if the order has not been shipped.) To cancel an existing order that has not been shipped, please call or email us to request an order cancellation. Orders cannot be edited after the order has been placed. We are not able to combine orders or shipping charges for multiple orders due to heavy volume. We appreciate your support and patience.

Upon completing checkout, you will receive an email or text confirmation (if you entered an email and/or phone number at checkout) with a link to track your package.

Please reach out to the specific postal service for more information once your package has been shipped. Once a package leaves our facility, we cannot modify any details regarding your order. If your package appears lost, contact us at

Please reach out to us by email at and our Cyber store will remedy the mistake. Thank you for your patience! 

Our email address (hello@bathhousesoap) is sometimes marked as spam with certain email servers. Please check your junk mail to see if your confirmation email is there. Contact us via email or by phone if you need your confirmation email to be resent. 

*Note: Please verify that your email address and/or phone number is correct before checkout. Our system cannot send emails to you if we have the wrong information.

Please send us an email with photos of the shipping box and inside contents to Keep all original packaging until you hear from us, including the shipping box and packing materials.

Unfortunately, due to platform limitations, gift cards are not able to be discounted

Unfortunately, discount codes cannot be combined. Due to the limitations of our platform, only one discount code can be applied per transaction.

For instance, if you have a FREE SHIPPING code and a $ OFF, these two cannot be combined together; you will have to choose one and save the other for another time. 

(If you are using a $ OFF or other code that changes your subtotal, please remember that to enable our "Free Shipping on orders of $75+", your subtotal must be $75 or above AFTER your code has been applied and BEFORE taxes.)

Click on your cart, then click the "Check Out" button on the bottom right of the cart page.

When the checkout portal has loaded, there will be a gift card/discount code box on the right of the screen under your itemized cart (your shipping information will be on the left side.) Enter your code and click "apply." 

If you have a gift card amount that is smaller than your total amount, your remaining total will be shown. You can then enter your credit card information to pay for the remaining total. 

Our gift cards can now be used both in-store and online! If your gift card was purchased before March 2020, you may have difficulty using the code online and in-store as we have switched to a new gift card system. Please reach out to us at hello@bathhousesoap with any gift card difficulties.

Our online gift cards are sent electronically to you. Upon purchase, you will receive an initial confirmation email and then a second email containing your gift card. The second email can be printed or forwarded via email to the receiver of the gift.

Unfortunately, since our gift cards are delivered digitally, the gift card amount will not count towards the cart total for our free shipping perk. You will still have to have a cart minimum of $75 before adding any gift cards to receive free shipping for your order.

Due to differences in jar and bottle suppliers, we fill our containers according to net weight rather than volume.

As of 2/22/23, we are no longer offering scrub or salt blending, company-wide. Cosmetic laws have changed, and we are no longer allowed to blend or adulterate product. 

We love blended scrubs and salts as much as you, but we are only selling single scents in jars from here on out. We do encourage you to grab a bottle of each of your favorite scents and become a mixologist in your own bathroom! We'd love to see what you come up with.

While our Cyber team does everything that we can to ensure that our luscious bath bombs arrive to you in one whole piece, they are extremely fragile, and we cannot control how the post office handles them once they leave our Bubble Hub. 

Most bath bombs arrive in perfect condition, but there are times when they can crack due to shipment handling. We do not offer replacements of this item in most cases; Your bath bombs will still perform as intended, even if broken. Luscious skin awaits you.

Some of the colorants we use are more potent than others. If any oils or residue are left in your shower or tub, these colors may stick to those oils and give the appearance of a stain. Rest assured, this will wipe out with a magic eraser or cleaning solvent; just clean as you would clean any soap scum. 

We are not responsible for any stains in tubs due to already existing cracks, scratches, unfinished areas, etc. that were present before using our products. As long as your tub and/or shower is sealed as it would be in a new condition, our products should not cause any problems or stains.