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Muscle Jelly

$ 23.00

This is for those of us that just do the dang work, nail out the grind, are nothing but business from 9 to 5 (and then some).

We are the ones that work hard for it, honey...and you'd better be treated right.

Rub this elixir over achy, tired, knotted, or stiff muscles and joints and you'll feel like a bowl of jelly in no time.

Muscle Jelly creates a moderate degree of frosty yet warm sensation created by menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oils. It's the perfect companion for those of us that do the dang work. 

organic aloe leaf juice, meadowfoam seed oil, menthol crystals, capsicum, white camphor oil, essential oils of: sweet basil, black pepper, roman chamomile, german chamomile, cinnamon leaf, citronella, eucalyptus , helichrysum, ginger root, pink grapefruit, juniper berry, lemongrass, peppermint, pine needle, ravensara, rosemary leaf, spearmint, wild oregano, glycerin, witch hazel, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, carbomber, triethanolamine, tetrasodium edta, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid

4oz | 113g

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