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This product has brought so much satisfaction to our customers that we receive praise everyday on how much it has helped the most cracked, dry and just down right nasty heels. I, myself, can not live without this stick of heavenly moisture. If you wear sandals you must own one of these. The best part about our Honey Heel Glaze is that it can be used on elbows and knees.

This is a solid blend of top-shelf ingredients that penetrate the skin's layers with moisture while lightly coating with an emollient barrier. Not only does it drench dry, cracked skin but it protects while giving your feet a silky soft feel, not to mention the look of just leaving the spa. It comes in a 2.0 oz dial up tube that will last approx. 6 months if used once daily.

It's important to scrub often to remove excess dry skin, so we recommend our Volcanic Rock Foot Scrub. These two together are a lethal weapon to rough feet.

To repair: Rub the stick directly on heels and dry areas of the feet and cover overnight with socks. To maintain: Use once a day by rubbing the stick along rough areas and rub into the skin with your hand.

*Be cautious after applying when walking on non-carpeted surfaces.

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