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Christmas Cheer ⛄ Holiday Box

$ 36.00

Gingy begged us to create a couple of friends to join him this Holiday season... it's hard to uphold all of the holiday glamour on his tiny little shoulders.  

A long-time Bathhouse Holiday staple, Gingy Snowglobe Soap, now has a few pals to help him spread some Christmas Cheer (which we all know is best spread by singing loud for all to hear. 😉)

This festive gift set includes: 

Gingy Snowglobe Soap — This 1 oz. soap has a sweet gingerbread man or woman novelty toy nestled inside. Scented with gumpdop essence from Gingy's house!

Peppermint Bark Soap (Limited Edition; Christmas Cheer Box Exclusive) — Scented in a Bathhouse Holiday exclusive fragrance, this soap is every holiday baker's dream: crushed peppermints, creamy vanilla bean icing, dark chocolate drizzle, and lots and lots of sprinkles.

Cookies & Milk Lip Balm (Limited Edition; Christmas Cheer Box Exclusive) — A mixture of malted chocolate, brown sugar, dutch cocoa, and sweet vanilla cream. Cookies & milk aren't just for Santa; this balm is for every cookies & cream lover out there. 

Snowman Bath Bomb (Limited Edition; Christmas Cheer Box Exclusive) — The perfect winter bath bomb, and the only acceptable method for melting a snowman.  Fragranced to match our Peppermint Bark Soap. 

4 oz. Hot Cocoa Foaming Sugar Scrub (Limited Edition; Christmas Cheer Box Exclusive) — Creamy chocolate with a melted marshmallow topping. 

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(And buying Bathhouse Soap.)

*This box comes ready to gift.

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