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Vanilla Buttercream - Lip Balm

$ 5.50

Natural and paraben free and BIGGER size!. Oh yeah baby, this is the BALM!! A little goes a long way. This is absolutely one of our best-selling products. The oils used to formulate this balm are healing, nourishing, and moisturizing. Our lip balms are in a new luxuries tube that's double the size of its former self.

Nt Wt .15oz

Flavor: Vanilla Buttercream isn't just a luscious topper for cupcakesor cookies. A velvety billowing mix of powdery sugar, vanilla bean, milk...and one secret ingredient that'll leave your craving more.

Recipe:  coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, tocopherol (vitamin e), flavor

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