The Hot Southern Mess Collection

$ 60.00

The "Oh, bless her heart" Hot Southern Mess Collection Box features some of our best selling products in one of our most loved scents. 

“Hot Southern Mess” is the aura of a southern woman that is sexiest with her girl-next-door appearance, can rock cutoffs and/or a ballgown, listens to Cash and JB Jovi, wears cowboy boots under her wedding dress, knows how to be wild and free while being the tie that binds her family. She knows how to use her accent to get her way, her eyelashes to bring him to his knees, and can tell you to go straight to hell with words dripped in so much sugar you’ll look forward to the trip…..

….oh and the trip is scented with poppy, pomegranate, osmanthus and sugar cane….just like this soap.

This gift box includes one of each of the following:

This collection comes ready to gift. 

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