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Dry Brush Milk + Brush Set

$ 32.00

Brush + Dry Brush Milk Set (Our Backbrush with Removable Handle)

Ohhh, dry brushing...what's that? It's all the rage and for a very good reason. Sweeping a Dry Brush over your skin in a certain course over the body and then following up with a potent moisturizer (que our Dry Brush Milk) has benefits that go far beyond glowing skin.

This alluring glass bottle of our Dry Brush Milk was carefully, specifically, and effectively created to moisturize the skin after dry brushing. Exfoliating and moisturizing go hand in hand. Dry brushing can give you an intense exfoliation and our Dry Brush Milk will envelop and protect the fresh, new skin cells that have been brought to the surface while brushing.

Why Dry Brushing is so powerful?

-Sweeps away dry, flakey skin.

- Improves the overall feel and look of your skin but is known to blur the appearance of cellulite.

- Enhances circulation.

- Stimulates the lymphatic system and nodes. 

- Detoxifies and rids the skin of impurities.

- Invigorates with energizing benefits.

4fl oz - Glass Bottle with Gold Closure and Gold Sprayer

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