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Glowing Cauldron Bath Bomb

$ 8.00

Scented in our annual exclusive "Witches Bubbly" and enriched with avocado oil for light moisture for a hauntingly beautiful bathing experience. As with all of our bombs, this won't just fizz but create a milky bubble bath when used whole!

Use the handle to lower your Cauldron Bomb into a warm bath and watch as it bubbles over with fragrance, moisture, and milky bubbles. These are VERY VERY long lasting bombs that are meant to slowly fizz for your extended satisfaction. If you'd like to speed up the intensity, just hold you Cauldron under running water! ABRACADABRA!

To "charge" the glow on the dark feature, remove the Bathhouse sticker and under a light for as long as possible.

Net Wt 6oz

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