The Bathhouse Classics Soap Collection Box

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These are the 9 soaps that have made Bathhouse... Bathhouse. The best of our best. 

Only for this collection, we've brought back our special "loaf discount" just for you: buy 8 bars, get the 9th FREE!

#Bossbabe - This soap embodies any person who chooses to actively put in the work to be their own version of great. They are bright, have fresh ideas, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. Ignite the spark of your inner power and fan that flame. Be the boss of your life, whatever that means for you.

Bathhouse Couture - Our best-seller and signature scent! Bathhouse Couture is heavenly scented with wild berries, orange citrus, and delicate white florals on a base of warm vanilla caramel and praline. This is a very upscale, boutique-like aroma in our old fashion blend of skin nourishing soap batter. It’s fresh and clean and a bit on the feminine side, but we have many men that adore the aroma.

Cloud - Cloud is a billowy mix of papery florals enriched with white musk and lined with spiced vanilla sandalwood. This soap scent is so enticing, romantic, and exhilarating.

Honky Tonk Man - Honky Tonk Man has quickly become a best-seller amongst all of our customers! This soap is woody, sexy, and cleaner than you would expect. A psycho-billy blend of oak moss, a draw of amber, smooth hickory, and a twang of jasmine and lavender.

Hot Southern Mess - “Hot Southern Mess” is the aura of a southern woman that is sexiest with her girl-next-door appearance, can rock cutoffs and/or a ballgown, listens to Cash and JB Jovi, wears cowboy boots under her wedding dress, knows how to be wild and free while being the tie that binds her family. She knows how to use her accent to get her way, her eyelashes to bring him to his knees, and can tell you to go straight to hell with words dripped in so much sugar you’ll look forward to the trip… … oh and the trip is scented with poppy, pomegranate, osmanthus and sugar cane… just like this soap.

Hot Springs - Hot Springs soap is our very own interpretation of what the Spa City is all about. Eucalyptus and Spearmint become a sweet harmony of clean, fresh invigoration. This is not the traditional vaporous eucalyptus you would expect; the spearmint sweetens it and gives an aroma that both men and women enjoy. Hot Springs immediately topped our best-seller list!

Milk - Milk is a flirtatious blend of raspberry, cotton candy and caramelized sugar. It’s a best seller in our brick and mortar stores. We carry this scent in nearly every product line we make. *The soap is creamy, frothy, and luscious. It contains vanilla and over time, it will turn to a luscious dark brown. *This soap contains real vanilla in the fragrance which ambers the soap overtime.

Steam - From the first whiff you’ll encounter edgy sophistication, the second and third whiffs will envelope you in all things sensual, sexy, and modern. We created this soap to be masculine, however, ladies are drawn to it because it reminds them of their boyfriend’s t-shirt. This is our SEXIEST scent ever…Steamy McDreamy…

Tobacco & Rum - Fresh tobacco leaf, organic black tea and bay rum are the dominate notes with hints of fruit and spice. Think old world cargo of fragrant spices, a well-dressed gentleman, or grandfather’s old-fashioned cologne; perfectly masculine and debonair. This bar gives a very gentle polish to all skin types.

This collection comes ready to gift in our white gift boxes with a black bow. 

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