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Revival - Soap for Hope

$ 8.00

"Through darkness diamonds spread their richest light". Strength. Courage. Joy. Bravery. Compassion. Grit. Each of us has within us a set of beautiful, intrinsic gifts. While we can’t ever hold them in our hands, we just know they’re inside us. Some are easily seen, and some can only be opened with the keys of hardship. Once unwrapped, they can help us transcend our current situation, transforming trials to lessons, and challenges into opportunities.

Adversities come in many shapes and sizes and are a part of human life. I decided to create a black soap representing darkness or adversity and encrusted it with dazzling glitter to represent the spreading of light.

Proceeds from our "Revival - Soap for Hope" go to multiple grassroot organizations that are dedicated to supporting the individuals, families and communities where Bathhouse Soapery's reside.

Why is a soap for hope black? Visit this special post on the Housemade Blog about "Revival".

Scented delicately with gilded citrus, cashmere musk, vanilla sandalwood, muguet, peony, and apricots. Perfect for men and women. This soap is loaded with detoxifying and skin smoothing activated charcoal and dusted with dazzling black glitter on top. 

Recipe: coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, water, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, activated charcoal, glitter

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