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Gypsy Sugar Scrub

$ 9.50

Don't let the name fool you, there is no "hippy stink" here. Gypsy is our boho contemporary interpretation of a modern day, free spirited, flower child. If you're looking for patchouli, this isn't for you. Gypsy is an encapsulation of the vintage allure of velvet black roses (not stuffy or overly mature) with accouterments of dripping red lychee, sparkling riesling essence, citron, scarlet rose petals, and poet's orchid. The base notes are creamy sandalwood with a hint of white musk and golden amber. 

This is a manual exfoliation that lathers up like soap but provides a perfect polish without the oily mess of traditional scrubs. Our scrubs are in a fluffy, frosting like soap base containing a drizzle of olive oil to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate all at once. Choose from Bathhouse's many scents and texture variations to polish your skin to glowing perfection.

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xoxo, Charlene