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Tea (Comfort) Soaking Salts

$ 6.00

Steep in this ultra swanky soaking salt infused with tranquil lavender, comforting calendula, serene mint, and plush roses. A breezy aroma of and English garden and the complete soaking experience was inspired by extravagant Bathhouses of England. 

Each bottle of Tea Soaking Salt comes with a muslin bag, if you prefer to not have botanicals in your bath. 

Our Mineral Soaking Salts are everything you need to detoxify, relax, renew and completely indulge! We use Mediterranean Sea Salts as they are noted to naturally detoxify and promote minor muscle and joint relaxation. No fillers such either, just pure solar evaporated sea salts!

Toss a handful in a warm bath and simply, soak.

  • SMALL: 6oz PET bottle with silver cap contains approximately 3- 5 baths.
  • MEDIUM: 22oz PET bottle  with silver cap contains approximately 10-12 baths.

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