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The Summer Soap Collection Box

$ 66.00

Our 10 classic Summer soaps... all in one box? I know, we can hardly believe it, too. 

Only for this collection: An $80 retail value for $66. What a sun-sational steal! ☀️😎

Coconut Milk - Hot sunny beaches, toes buried in the sand, and sea foam blanketing the sand every few turns — Coconut Milk soap has the scent of toasted coconut & vanilla milk, Tonka beans, sandalwood, and pearled musk. Ooh la la… and don't forget a Mai Tai by your side.

Cucumber Avocado - Dripping with luscious avocado oil and revitalizing cucumber powder, Cucumber Avocado turns your bath into a calming, serene, and uplifting spa sanctuary. This is a light and refreshing blend of cool watery cucumber and fresh spearmint with hints of geranium and neroli.

Haute Water - A pretentious yet laid back blend of peach, raspberry, and coconut dried down with toasted seashells, magnolia and a very sheer veil of white musk. Haute Water is that crisp beach breeze that blows by while you live your best life with a good drink in hand.

Raspberry Mango - I think I, I think I, I think I love ya... and who couldn't love her? Vibrant mango and puckering raspberries with notes of Valencia orange and bergamot fragrance your skin with bursting scents of summer while our artisan soap cleanses you beautifully.

Rosewater Pistachio - Delicate, sophisticated, and above all avant-garde. The sheer floral scent of rosewater blended with sweetened pistachio creme is truly the scent of poise and finesse.

Ginger Peach - The sun is warm, the breeze is soft, and you are biting into the flesh of a golden juicy peach. Paired with the sharp spice of freshly peeled ginger and notes of black tea, this is the quintessential summertime fragrance. Ginger Peach will take you straight to the heart of a peach orchard, and will leave you smelling like one, too.

Orange Juice - Vibrant and bright. A spoonful of orange essential oil mixed to perfection into this skin nourishing soap recipe make this soap the best skin softening pick me up you’ll find. The fragrance is so uplifting and fresh that you’ll have to have this one before your morning coffee!

Sweet Tea - Nothing screams summer like a cool glass of sweet iced tea. Kick this summer off in true southern fashion with the refreshing blend of sunshine brewed tea leaves, a heapin’ spoonful of sugar, and a sharp twist of lemon… all swirled into our luscious soap batter to create this sunsational Sweet Tea soap.

Watermelon - Hear the rippling crack of a ripened watermelon rind being sliced on a warm summer evening. Juicy, sweet and cooling — the ultimate summer experience.

Waves Crashing - Like... whoa. Waves Crashing is made for ocean-scent-seekers who are wanting something neither too brisk nor too floral... but rather a fragrance that is reminiscent of smelling the ocean air at sunset. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think paradise thoughts while inhaling the notes of fresh citrus, plum, heliotrope, violet, and iris. A sea of blue meets the artist's vision of a bold & bleeding sunset — this fresh aesthetic is downright radical.

This collection comes ready to gift in our white gift boxes with a gold bow. 

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