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Cioccolato (Glow) Soaking Salts - Retiring

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Get glowing with our decadent blend of chocolate, cocoa, and caffeine infused bathing salts. Have you every just wanted to bathe in chocolate? I mean, besides the ridiculously delicious benefits it has for the skin, isn't there just something so alluring about soaking in chocolate.  We promise you'll smell deliciously sweet and not like a candy bar!

The Cioccolato Foaming Body Scrub scent was featured in the wildly popular IPSY Glam Bag!

Our Mineral Soaking Salts are everything you need to detoxify, relax, renew and completely indulge! We use Mediterranean Sea Salts as they are noted to naturally detoxify and promote minor muscle and joint relaxation. No fillers such either, just pure solar evaporated sea salts!

Toss a handful in a warm bath and simply, soak.

Ingredients: Mediterranean Sea salt, coffea robusta seed powder, water, phospholipids, caffeine, cocoa, fragrance, mica.

22oz PET bottle with black cap contains approx. 10-12 baths.

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