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12 Days of Fragrance

We are so excited to begin the 12 Days of Fragrance for 2016. From December 1st thru the 12th we will introduce a new limited edition fragrance potion from Char's Private Reserve in a 6ml Vintage Glass Bottle (exclusive to this event) and will arrive beautifully packaged. This is a tradition we are excited to continue at Bathhouse. We were as giddy with glee to conjure these delectable perfumes as we hope you are to receive them. 

- These are scents that aren't available in our everyday line and made exclusively for the 12 Days of Fragrance 2016.

- There are VERY limited quantities available online only. Once purchases of the limited fragrances have been reached for the day, we will no longer have them available.

- To encourage you to collect all of these beautiful scents, we will offer FREE Shipping on these special perfumes so that you can collect as many as you'd like without the inconvenience of shipping charges. *If adding other Bathhouse items into your order these perfumes will incur no shipping charges.


xoxo, Charlene