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Sandal Season Volcanic Rock Pedicure Scrub

Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on April 28 2017

    Summer is just around the corner! We can hardly wait, but before we can break out those summer sandals, our toes are in need of a little TLC. Instead of spending ridiculous amounts at the salon, grab your favorite polish and listen up - Our Volcanic Rock Pedicure Scrub is coming to the rescue!

    This sugar and oil based scrub is what your toes have been longing for while they were stuck in those winter boots. Our scrub is full (and we mean FULL) of nourishing shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin E to hep moisturize and heal the driest of feet, while the sugar and volcanic rock help exfoliate away rough build up - all while the activated charcoal helps rid of toxins and dirts that have settled in your soles.

    To use this delightful spa inspired treatment, we recommend using a dime sized amount on towel dried feet when you are fresh out of the shower or bathtub. This way your skin is soft and ready to exfoliate, but still dry so those precious oils can sink in without being repealed by water (and clean!). After working the pedicure scrub into the soles of your feet for about a minute or so, rinse the sugar and volcanic rock away with warm water, towel dry and massage those oils in to further moisturizing.

    Starting to think it can't get any better? Top with our Honey Heel Glaze for a step further of repair and healing. Finish with your favorite nail polish and now you're ready for those sandals!

    We recommend using these products once a week for continued upkeep, especially if you like to spend your summers barefoot. You can purchase this Pedicure Set as individual product, but they work most complimentary when used together - both are waiting for you in all four of our boutiques and online.


Ready to get your hands (err... we mean, feet) on some of our Volcanic Rock Pedicure Scrub? Head to the nearest boutique near you or shop here online and pick up a new pair of sandals to show them off in the mean time!



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