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Bathhouse Soapery

Posted on July 21 2017

Without further ado, we've got three of our favorite summer soaps back in action AND three brand new soaps for you to try this summer! It goes without saying that these are hand crafted and haute as heck.

Want Char to talk to you about them? Check her out HERE, otherwise let's see what we have.

First, our all time favorite - Saltwater Smoothie. This beautiful 'tidal wave' like swirl is back and ready to bring you memories of your favorite beach vacay. This saltwater and citrus fruit scented bar also has shredded loofa mixed in for a little exfoliation on that freshly tanned skin.

Next, our Raspberry Mango is back! Blended with mango butter for a creamy, luxurious lather has got all the notes of sun-ripened raspberry, juicy mangoes, and just a hint of spice - keeping you smelling sweet all summer long.

And one of our personal favorites - Sweet Tea! Imagine sun-brewed black tea mixed with a crap ton of sugar, served with a lemon wedge - it. is. spot. on. Hand swirled beautifully with tones of copper, yellow, and black tea specks, this one is nothing short of refreshing after a long hot summer day.

And now for our three brand new bars!! We are so excited to debut these as they will ALL be staying throughout the year!

First up - Lemon Glace. If you thought you loved our Lemongrass that we retired in 2016, you haven't seen anything. This beautiful three color swirled soap is full of lemon and lemon grass essential oils, with a little of a sweet smell with candied dates, sugar, and lime for a perfect citrus blend. Available now in all stores in soap and massage oil, and coming soon in a Foaming Body Scrub.

Next, our dude soap. Popular with the guys, but also for the girls who want their guys to smell like Luke Byran. Ladies, Honky Tonk Man is everything you've been waiting for. If you thought Steam or Tobacco and Rum was sexy.... move over. This red, white, and blue, Nashville-inspired bar is a sexy blend of oak moss, amber, smooth hickory and a twang of jasmine and lavender.

And finally, top-selling Haute Water. If you're looking for a fragrance that doesn't give, this is it. A pretentious blend of peach, raspberry, and coconut dried down with magnolia, all mixed into a bright, vibrant aqua and neon soap. This popular fragrance is available in all stores in a soap and bath bomb, but coming soon in a foaming body scrub and goat milk body butter.

Don't miss your chance to be the first to get your hands on these new summer favorites!


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